Alex is a research specialist and an advanced scientific technical diver. After receiving a BSc in chemistry from the University of Wales in 1992, Alex worked at his alma mater as a research scientist for the following five years. In 1999 he came to BIOS as a research technician, returning again for a 4-year period from 2007-2011 during which he served as the Institute's dive safety officer. Following this, he served as the dive safety officer for Florida State University, then as the technical dive operations manager for DiveTek Ltd. before returning to BIOS in 2018.

His work with various academic organizations has included planning, coordinating, and executing field research projects in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Fiji. He is a board member and the lead technical diver for the Ocean Support Foundation, which works to improve the health and sustainability of Bermuda's marine environment. He also recently served as the safety diver for the yacht racing syndicate ORACLE Team USA while the team trained for the 2017 America's Cup in Bermuda.