Yvonne joined BIOS’s COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) in 2016. As part of the CORAL team, Yvonne utilizes remote sensing to collect data on coral reef community structure and community metabolism, in addition to validating coral metabolic rates (photosynthesis and calcification) under changing environmental conditions in laboratory flume experiments.

Yvonne’s research focus includes the ecology and ecophysiology of marine benthic organisms such as corals and seagrass. Yvonne is interested in the adaptive (genetically determined) and acclimative (metabolism driven) mechanisms of organisms thriving along environmental gradients and in extreme environments, and utilizes in situ and laboratory experiments to learn more. Understanding mechanisms such as these will help to inform predictions of how organisms may cope in the future with global climate driven changes.

During her PhD (2011) research at the Leibniz Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology/University of Bremen, Germany, Yvonne investigated the resilience of coral communities to natural and anthropogenic disturbances with extensive field work in SE-Asia. Following this, she joined GEOMAR, Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research, Kiel, Germany, where she took up a postdoctoral researcher position followed by a role as a research scientist. While at GEOMAR, Yvonne investigated coral adaptive mechanisms to strong latitudinal temperature and nutrient gradients in the Red Sea, in addition to researching stress resistance of temperate seagrass (Zostera marina) in the Baltic Sea.

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