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Gaining hands-on experience collecting samples in the field.

	Practice scientific methods and techniques at BIOS.</p>

Practice scientific methods and techniques at BIOS.

	Learning the laboratory techniques and procedures required to gather accurate data.</p>

Learning the laboratory techniques and procedures required to gather accurate data.

In 1994, philanthropists John and Rosemary Galbraith started an endowment for a fellowship to support one student from Eckerd College each year as a summer research intern at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). In 2014, to recognize the support of the late George Wardman, an Eckerd College donor who for many years sat on the BIOS Board of Directors, the fellowship was re-named the Galbraith/Wardman Fellowship. The Galbraith/Wardman Fellowship covers all expenses associated with a 10-week internship at BIOS, including travel to Bermuda and a $2,000 stipend.

How to apply

Rising juniors, and seniors, currently enrolled at Eckerd College, are eligible and students of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Students who meet the eligibility requirements should consult the list of mentors and potential research projects. Prior to submitting an application prospective interns are encouraged to contact potential BIOS mentors directly to discuss projects. Mentor contact details can be found using the links provided here.

Applicants should email a one-half page statement of research interests, unofficial transcripts, one letter of recommendation from a faculty member (other than Siuda, Krediet or Meylan), a list of up to three projects that you would like to work on (from the list of potential projects) and an up-to-date CV to Professor Siuda on or before March 31. Applications from well-qualified Eckerd students will be forwarded to BIOS where final selection will depend, in part, on matching the research interests of the intern with those of BIOS Faculty members. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in April. This fellowship is open to Eckerd students only but its existence does not exclude Eckerd students from consideration for other BIOS internship programs.

Questions related to the application process at Eckerd College should be directed to Professor Siuda. If you have any queries pertaining to BIOS, please contact us via education@bios.edu.

Former Galbraith/Wardman Fellow

Trisha Schranck, majoring in marine biology with a minor in chemistry and environmental studies, spent almost 10 weeks at BIOS as the 2018 Galbraith/Wardman Fellow. Following her internship Trisha said, “In classes at school I had been taught the basics of lab techniques and research procedures, and had been given an introduction to research, but BIOS stepped my education up a level. Here I have learned how to move through the entire research process from start to finish which has been an eye-opening experience. From developing my own hypotheses, designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting my work to an open audience, each step has taught me countless lessons.”