PICS intern teaches dive skills to BIOS summer students.</p>

PICS intern teaches dive skills to BIOS summer students.

PEI-BIOS Intership Program

The Princeton-BIOS internship program allows Princeton undergraduate students to participate in 12-week research internships at BIOS each summer. Working with a BIOS faculty or staff mentor, interns could participate in an open-ocean research cruise aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer, SCUBA dive on Bermuda's coral reefs, learn progressive techniques from scientists at the forefront of their field, gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge laboratory equipment, and engage in workshops and seminars with peers and BIOS scientists. All costs associated with the internship, including accommodation, meals, travel, research supplies and student stipend, are funded.

When considering project ideas, applicants should keep in mind the possibility that projects conducted during this internship period could provide the basis for a junior paper and/or a senior thesis. Potential project areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Oceanographic and atmospheric sciences
  • Marine biology and ecology
  • Microbial ecology, marine genomics and ecotoxicology
  • Natural hazard/risk prediction
  • Instrumentation testing for environmental monitoring
  • Marine science and environmental education

Application Instructions

Applications for the PU-BIOS Internship Program are administered through the Princeton Environmental Institute.  Students wishing to apply should do so via PEI's online portal or by emailing peintern@princeton.edu. In January of each year, potential Princeton-BIOS internship projects will be posted to PEI's website. All BIOS faculty who are interested in participating in the prgram provide potential internship projects for the list. Please note that students must identify, in their application, the specific BIOS faculty member with whom they wish to intern. If the faculty member has listed more than one potential project, the student must identify their project choice. It is advised that applicants visit BIOS lab pages, review faculty biographies and specific research interests prior to submitting their application. Applicants are free to contact BIOS faculty members who have listed projects prior to submitting their application.

Applications submitted by PEI's Priority Deadline will be given priority in the review process. Late applications will be processed until mid-March or until positions are filled, unless otherwise noted on the established internships postings.

Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS)

PICS provides Princeton undergraduate students with the opportunity to work eight to ten week paid summer internships in public service. PICS helps unleash the abilities and energies of Princeton undergraduates on issues confronting non-profit agencies while also providing meaningful personal and professional growth for the students as they explore careers in the public service sector. PICS was established by Princeton University Alumni in the belief that community service is essential to the welfare of society and was inspired by the rich tradition of Princeton and Princetonians "in the Nation's Service, and in the Service of All Nations. PICS interns at BIOS have the opportunity to work closely with Ocean Academy, BIOS's local education  program, developing curriculum, leading classroom and field explorations, and building support for BIOS education programs. 

Application Instructions

Princeton students interested in such opportunities should visit the PICS website or contact Evan Schneider, Program Coordinator (emschnei@princeton.edu). You can also visit them on campus: the PICS office is located in Frist 201K or 201G and the office is usually open 9am-5pm.