Whether you're studying in the US, Canada, or the UK, there are funding programs available to assist with your studies. Each year BIOS receives awards from various sponsors; some are available to all qualified, academically strong candidates and others are awarded based on citizenship. Please take the time to carefully review the eligibility requirements for each of the scholarships listed below. 

Application Instructions

To apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of a summer course, please complete the "Statement of Needs and Qualifications for a Scholarship" section of the course application form, indicating which of the following scholarships you are applying for. Scholarships can be requested to cover room, board, tuition and–in some cases–travel costs. You are encouraged to supply as much detail as you feel necessary to adequately describe your situation. BIOS assesses applications based on level of education, academic merit, and financial need. Once the applications have been reviewed by the summer course faculty, BIOS will make award determinations and notify students of their standing. Students receiving scholarships will be asked to submit a letter of appreciation to BIOS that will be forwarded to the appropriate scholarship sponsor(s).

Canadian Associates of BIOS (CABIOS) Scholarships

Applications for CABIOS scholarships are welcomed from Canadian students enrolled in Canadian colleges/universities or Canadian students enrolled in colleges/universities outside Canada, but who intend to return to Canada upon graduation. Scholarships are available to assist students with the cost of BIOS summer courses and research internships

UK Association Scholarships

UK Association Scholarships are available to UK Ocean Science and Marine Studies students accepted into a BIOS summer course. Students should either be currently studying for an appropriate degree or have just recently graduated.