BASS Continues Sargasso Advocacy Efforts

The Bermuda Association for the Sargasso Sea [BASS] is continuing with its efforts to see a marine reserve created that will encompass much of the waters within a 200-mile radius of Bermuda.

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Marine Science Summer Courses in Bermuda


The application deadline for applying to our summer courses is just a week away, April 15th. Late entries will be considered depending on availability.

Our summer courses are offered to undergraduates and recent graduates, and partial scholarships are available to international students from developing countries, US, Canadian and UK students, and academic credit transfer is possible.

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Exhibit’s Focus Is On Bermuda Beach Pollution

New York artist Bonnie Holden Monteleone collects digital images of plastic artifacts retrieved from some of the most remote aquatic regions on the planet but the impact of this pollution on Bermuda’s beaches is the centrepiece of her upcoming exhibit.

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