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In summer 2014, Reich traveled to the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) to attend the Coral Reef Ecology course and learn from the community of researchers who are devoted to oceanic studies. “I thrive on the energy at BIOS, fueled by the scientists’ passion for advancing research in marine sciences,” she says.

This past summer, Reich returned to BIOS to conduct the fieldwork for her master’s thesis under the direction of Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, assistant scientist at BIOS, who invited her to work in her lab. Reich’s work in Bermuda is the first marine research partnership with BIOS faculty in the long-standing relationship between Clark University and BIOS, begun in the early 1960s when legendary Clark biology professor Rudolph “Rudy” Nunnemacher began taking students to Bermuda on research excursions.