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More than a flower, the Oleander is a container ship that provides weekly service between Hamilton, Bermuda, and Port Elizabeth, N.J. In so doing, the ship traverses water from three very widely separated domains: cold, fresh subpolar water from the Labrador Sea; hot, salty Gulf Stream water from the tropics via the Gulf of Mexico; and the large body of warm, salty subtropical water south of the Gulf Stream.

For decades, the Oleander and its forerunner of the same name have served as platforms for scientists to conduct sustained observation of the upper ocean across the continental shelf to the Gulf Stream and Sargasso Sea. In late October, all collaborators in this remarkable observational program came together for a comprehensive review of past, present, and future activities. The meeting wove together three interlocking themes—operations, science, and outreach—with a special focus on interdisciplinary opportunities.