Beginning this month, Bermuda has a new asset in its efforts to maximize the collective value of Bermuda’s ocean uses: Dr. Kevin Mayall, the island’s first Nearshore Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Coordinator.

The development of a comprehensive nearshore zoning plan for the Bermuda Platform is a proactive approach to managing coastal ecosystems that support a variety of activities, such as fishing, tourism, and boating. To help lead the public policy process involved in developing such a plan, a long-term collaboration was initiated between the Government of Bermuda Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation Services, the University of California Santa Barbara Bren School, The Waitt Foundation and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS).

For his part, Dr. Mayall—a Bermudian consultant, planner and geospatial information systems (GIS) specialist—has many years of experience working for the Government of Bermuda, including several years with the Department of Planning, project lead for the Bermuda Coastal Erosion Study, many interdepartmental projects, and an appointment to the Government’s IT Secretariat. With more than 20 years experience in project management and technology implementation, he has played a leading role in developing the Bermuda Government’s GIS policy and resources through his company Locus Ltd. Consulting & Geomatics.

His new role as the Nearshore MSP Coordinator will capitalize upon these talents and qualifications as Dr. Mayall is called upon to serve as a key contact and facilitator for the zoning process. He will also serve as a liaison between BIOS—where he will be a full-time staff member—and the Bermuda Government, using the scientific resources available through BIOS to inform the marine spatial planning process and outcomes.

"I am very excited for the opportunity to assist BIOS, the Government, and Bermuda in this important initiative. Bermuda's marine environment faces increasing attention from conservation and industry, necessitating a balanced and sustainable approach to marine planning,” says Dr. Mayall. He continues, “I look forward to working collaboratively with Government departments, local and overseas scientists, commercial interests, conservation groups and the general public to create a positive plan to maintain a healthy and productive relationship between Bermuda and the marine environment."