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The Edward Laurens Mark Memorial Library offers visiting teachers and students with a variety of resources to foster successful learning experiences, including:

  • A computer lab with 10 workstations, as well as wireless internet coverage;
  • A separate instruction area (Riker Room) with projector, whiteboard, and seating for 15-20 students;
  • Extensive in-house oceanographic journal archive, including over 90 titles;
  • Digital journal access and inter-library loan services;
  • BIOS course textbooks and related content;
  • Special "Bermuda Collection" that includes Bermuda Government reports, past BBSR/BIOS publications, newsletters from Bermuda-based research and education organizations, and data/information on local flora/fauna, geology, marine biology, pollution, oceanography;
  • Publications and contributions from BIOS staff and visiting scientists dating back over 100 years.

The BIOS library is also home to one of the original bound collections of the Report on the Scientific Results of the Exploring Voyage of the HMS Challenger, containing more than 30 volumes of scientific text, zoological reports, and full-color image plates.