Dalhousie University and BIOS are both global leaders in marine science education and research. After years of successfully collaborating on research projects and occasionally sending Dalhousie students to attend courses and internships at BIOS, the organizations partnered to establish the Dalhousie-BIOS Experiential Learning Fund

The fund establishes scholarships for Dalhousie undergraduate and graduate students who wish to gain shipboard experience via the Sea Experience in Shipboard Oceanography (SESO) Internship program, conduct research, or take summer courses at BIOS.

This collaboration is the latest achievement in a decade-long partnership between two world-class ocean research and education institutions to provide students with new opportunities to study the ocean and Bermuda’s marine ecosystems.

Students at Dalhousie University are also eligible for the CABIOS scholarship, which provides support to cover the cost of courses and/or internships at BIOS.