A summer intern in the Coral Reef Ecology and Optics Lab (CREOL) measures the spectra of coral
A summer intern in the Coral Reef Ecology and Optics Lab (CREOL) measures the spectra of coral

BIOS offers an exciting array of internship opportunities for upper-level undergraduate students or recent graduates. The 12-week internships run during the summer and, in some cases, can be extended to 6 months.   Interns work in BIOS laboratories with faculty and staff and participate in active research projects of mutual interest.  While an intern, you could have the chance to participate in an open-ocean research cruise aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer, SCUBA dive on Bermuda’s coral reefs, or gain hands-on experience with a variety of laboratory equipment and protocols.

Benefits of a BIOS Internship

  • Learning first-hand about Bermuda’s unique marine ecosystems
  • Access to BIOS’s world-class facilities, including modern, well-equipped labs and the fleet of boats, including the R/V Atlantic Explorer
  • Exposure to a wide range of faculty interests and expertise among BIOS’s diverse community of researchers, as well as visiting scientists
  • Opportunities to collaborate with undergraduate students at other universities 

After their time at BIOS one intern commented, “I am more enthusiastic about continuing my education and career in marine science because of this internship. It helped me realize that working at a research station is something I would love to do and that marine science is my true passion. I have learned so much about being a scientist and my time at BIOS has inspired me to continue my education in this field.”

Current Internship Opportunities

Currently there are no funded internship opportunities available at BIOS outsideof the Bermuda Program (summer) and the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program (fall). However, some students are able secure funding for internships and study abroad programs through their faculty mentors, home institutions, or individual grant opportunities. In these cases, qualifed applicants should review BIOS faculty research interests and lab projects to identify a faculty member/lab in which they'd like to intern. Applications are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to see if they are interested/willing in hosting an intern.

Application Information

There is no deadline for applications; as long as positions are listed as vacant, the advisors are inviting qualified applicants.  If you’re interested in one of the internship positions currently being advertised and you have the required skills/qualifications, please email us at education@bios.edu with an introductory email, mentioning the name of the scientist you are most interested in working with. Please attach to your email the following:

  • A statement about your educational background and career goals
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • One letter of recommendation from a qualified referee (e.g., professor, supervisor, etc.)

After we receive these documents, we will compile your application and submit it to the relevant faculty member for consideration. A variety of scholarships and financial support opportunities are available for undergraduate internships. To learn more about these, including how to apply, visit the Undergraduate Scholarships page or the Graduate Scholarships page.